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Scientist and designer Anke Domaske with her milk-made yarn.

Yes, you read right. A German scientist/fashion designer has found a way to turn sour milk into functional, sustainable and attractive clothing. Cue impressed exclamation.

Although not a new concept (milk fabric dates to at least the 1930s), Anke Domaske’s ‘QMilch’ contains the first human-made fibre produced entirely without chemicals.

In a process that took two years to develop, the protein casein is extracted from dried milk powder, heated with ‘a few other natural ingredients’ and then spun into yarn.

About six litres of milk is required to produce one dress (retailing at between €150 and €200) for Domaske’s label, Mademoiselle Chi Chi.Domaske says the process takes just an hour, making it incredibly ecological compared with the production of other natural and synthetic fibres.

Cue impressed exclamation #2: Domaske says the protein contains anti-bacterial properties and can help regulate blood circulation. As a highly breathable fabric, QMilch also effectively regulates body temperature.

Like most people, our first reaction to the whole milk fabric thing was, ‘Huh?’, followed by, ‘Wow’. However, the analyst in us quickly moved to questioning just how ecological it is, given the impact of dairy production on the environment.

Cue impressed exclamation #3: QMilch is made using sour milk, which is apparently (albeit sadly) available in abundance, especially in Europe, where the demand for milk is not currently meeting the supply.

As you know, we at Mustard are big fans of innovation and creative thinking. A new product with a positive impact? We say bring it on. However, possibly the best thing about this whole business is the opportunity for headline pun gold!

Just think how difficult it was for us not to title this post, ‘Udderly Ridiculous: Dresses lapped up by consumers eager to milk new product’.



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